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Moroccan Almond Butter

This nut butter will take you on an exotic journey to the aromatic regions of Morocco with flavours evocative of delectable tajine and couscous dishes. The spices are warm, cozy, zesty with a touch of heat and just a hint of sweetness from dried apricot pieces. A true adventure in nut butter!


Ingredients: almonds*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, special Moroccan spice blend, unsulphured dehydrated apricot pieces*, stevia, pink Himalayan salt.

*Organic, raw, non-GMO. 

**Apricot pieces may settle on the bottom, please stir before serving.

Spiced Almond Butter

Almonds: a great of protein, calcium, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), phosphorus and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Eating almonds can lower bad cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, provide protection against cardiovascular disease and diabetes, boost energy, and help prevent gallstones. Almonds help normalise blood lipids since they ‘burn’ slow in the body and are both sustaining and normalising of blood sugar levels.

  • Coconut Oil: highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The oil possesses healing properties far beyond that of any other dietary oil and is extensively used in traditional medicine among Asian and Pacific populations. Coconut oil has been described as “the healthiest oil on earth.”
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well known to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is perhaps the very best known source of monounsaturated fats available and the reason why the Mediterranean Diet is one of the most healthful in the world.
  • Pink Himalayan salts is one of the very few varieties of salts that have remained pure and stable in nature. Natural pink salts are known for their essential trace minerals and their ability to regulate cellular fluid balance. These salts take on their color due to the presence of iron oxide and their abundance of essential trace minerals. These minerals are in a very small colloidal form and inter-connected in structure allowing for easy absorption and a nutrient synergy that exponentially enhances their effect in the body.