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Nut Cheese Suggestions

Nut Cheese Suggestions

Curious about what type of nut cheese to try?

Our aged probiotic nut cheese, both raw and vegan, ranges in flavour strength.

Mild Flavour

Havarti Style Cashew is the most mild, followed by the the Herb & Garlic Cashew. The Herb & Garlic Cashew is seasoned much the same way as an herbed goat cheese.

The cashew varieties also produce a harder cheese that is perfect for shredding. These is most comparable to a mild cheddar in consistency.

Medium Flavour

Also a hard cheese like the plain Havarti Style Cashew and Herb & Garlic Cashew cheeses, our Cheddar Style Cashew is medium in flavour and evocative of a medium cheddar cheese with a nice sour and zesty quality. This is our most popular flavour!

The Purple Walnut is slightly stronger in flavour and perfect for someone who likes both a flavourful cheese and also walnuts since the nut itself shines through on the palette. This is a softer cheese and very nice with mustard.

Stronger Flavour

Available by special order, our Cashew Hemp and Pine Nut varieties are much stronger and a good choice for someone who likes a “stinkier” cheese.