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Nut Cheese

Cashew Cheese

Now introducing:

Aged Raw Vegan Nut Cheese

You can now buy raw vegan nut cheese in Canada! Our aged probiotic nut cheese is a true vegan cheese that is both raw and organic. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Artisanal Non-Dairy Cheese Alternative

Health Nut cheeses stand proudly alongside any fine artisanal cheese and can be appreciated by vegans, the lactose intolerant, and dairy cheese lovers alike.

Aged Probiotic Walnut Cheese

These nut cheeses should not be confused with processed vegan cheeses that are “cheese-like”; this is the real McCoy! Absolutely perfect alone, with crackers, in a sandwich, or in your favourite recipes, you’ll be amazed by these delicious hand made cheeses.

Delicious and extremely healthful, our cheese wedges are made with dairy-free probiotic strains L. Acidophilus & B. Bifidum. Probiotics play a key role in human nutrition and health in balancing the intestinal microflora naturally and improving digestive and immune processes.

Our delicious raw vegan nut cheese varieties include:

Raw Vegan Nut Cheese is now available in Niagara and Toronto!

Almost impossible to find in Canada, our raw vegan nut cheese is the perfect option for anyone who avoids dairy but enjoys the flavour and health benefits of “cheese” and probiotics.

Try our aged probiotic nut cheese today!

Hemp Cashew CheeseAged Probiotic Walnut Cheese

Not sure which variety to try? Click here for our nut cheese suggestions.

Retail: $10 each.